We are Perception Theatre. An applied theatre and interactive film company situated in the heart of Liverpool, working throughout the UK.


With sensitivity, care and flair we produce raw and original stories that bring to the foreground and highlight, important societal issues that exist amongst our communities. 


We believe that it is everybody's responsibility to help shape the next generation. By providing them with the education, knowledge and guidance they need to navigate their way through issues that they may encounter during their prime years of adolescence into adulthood. 


We believe that all young people should have a variety of methods and resources at their fingertips when it comes to learning. Therefore it is our mission to use and combine theatre and digital technology to generate a distinctive and compelling approach towards learning and raising awareness. 


Through the power of theatre and film we are able to emotionally connect and engage with our audiences by creating gripping narratives driven by realistic characters and scenarios. Through our work, we allow our audiences to challenge and question the key themes and issues raised within each of our theatre productions and interactive films in an attempt to spark conversation, challenge perceptions and raise awareness. 



Perception Theatre Ltd

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A Not-for-Profit Organisation

Registered in England and Wales.

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