Challenging perceptions, by sparking conversation, through the power of interactivity.

What is a branching story?

A Branching Story is an online, interactive film. Created and designed to tackle and raise awareness around a complex social issue. 


In each Branching Story, audience members become participants and are required to interact with the film by making choices on behalf of the story’s protagonist in order to progress the film forward. Decisions made by participants, ultimately determine a protagonists fate. 

how to access a branching Story?

Forged in the pandemic, Branching Stories was designed to branch out and reach audiences in the comfort of their own home. Audiences are able to access our interactive experiences via smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and smart TV's. 

What is the purpose of Branching Stories?

The purpose of our Branching Stories project is to educate, raise awareness and inspire social change amongst communities. We recognise that this immersive learning experience can be a useful tool in helping people understand complex social issues.

what does branching stories offer?

Branching Stories is more than an interactive film. 

When designing our Branching Stories concept, we wanted to ensure that the concept not only gives young people insight into complex social issues but also people who work in tackling these issues too. It is for this reason we chose to incorporate choice based data into our experience. 

Through the interactive software we use, we can capture quantitive choice-based data on all participants throughout their interactive experience. This data is quantified upon age, gender, location and all the choices they make whilst participating in the film.

The data is non identifying and is based on the following: 

  • Gender

  • Age

  • County 

  • All choices made throughout the experience

By collecting this data, we are able to detect any emerging patterns amongst specific demographics. Furthermore, it enables us to analyse and process this data to share with partners and professionals in order to help, support and inform their practice as well as our own. 

Where might a branching story be viewed?

A Branching Stories project can be designed for any purpose and applied to any setting such as:

  • Places of education: schools, alternative education provisions, sixth forms, colleges, universities

  • Youth groups

  • Training sessions

  • Conferences 

  • Personal viewing

HIStory of branching stories

In 2020, we received funding from Arts Council Englands Emergency Response Fund to pioneer our new working model. This new approach, (alongside our applied theatre productions) has enabled us to reach even further with our mission, to challenge perceptions and inspire social change. 

This funding enabled us to produce two Branching Stories: 'LOCKED DOWN', which was created in response to the rise in reported domestic abuse cases during the pandemic and 'Offline', which was designed to address the growing issues of cyberbullying and sexting culture amongst teenagers. 

After the success of our first two Branching Stories, we were commissioned by Englands Illegal Money Lending Team to design a Branching Story centred around the risks and dangers of loan sharks and illegal money lending. 

"The Branching Stories data show this style of presentation has the potential to play a vital role in our strategic understanding of perceptions and insight related to specific topics. The choice-based data helps to add context and allows for a potentially more authentic reaction and insight rather than posing direct post-viewing survey questions."

Ian Noble 

Inspector VRP

LP Violence Reduction Partnership 

Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership

Future of Branching Stories

As we look the future and this new way of working, we can proudly say that our work is now being recognised and championed by many professionals who work outside of our sector. 

We believe in a multi agency approach and that by working together we can create high quality, educational experiences for all young people. 


So let's work together and inspire the next generation. 

Want to commission a branching Story?

Our interactive films provide young people with the opportunity to explore risk taking behaviour without actually becoming involved in these issues in real life.

The interactivity within a Branching Story can demonstrate to young people the consequences of their actions with the aim of developing hindsight amongst young people for real life situations and scenarios.

If you or your organisation are looking for a unique and innovative way to engage people in a specific topic or issue please contact us to discuss your ideas and we can give you a tailored quote to meet your needs. 

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