Challenging perceptions, by sparking conversation, through the power of choice.

Our Branching Stories project is a collection of interactive films which tackle complex social issues through an engaging learning experience. This new approach, (alongside our applied theatre productions) will enable us to reach even further with our mission, to challenge perceptions and inspire social change. 


Through our Branching Stories project, we are able to place participants in the role of a character, navigating their way through a complex social issue. Throughout the film, participants will be required to make critical decisions which will dictate the route in which the story unfolds. As the character, participants will begin to recognise how their choices directly affect the narrative and the overall outcome of the Branching Story. 


At the end of each Branching Story, we provide the relevant help and guidance should participants recognise or identify with any of the issues displayed throughout the film. We also provide resource packs that align with the PSHE Curriculum (2020) for delivery in educational settings. Please get in touch for more information on our resource packs. 




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