TRAP is an theatre in education production centred around County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation. 

The production explores the devastating reality of becoming caught up in County Lines. 


 Performance info 

Set up time:

1 Hour

Performance duration:

30 minutes
Post-Show Discussion duration: 

15 minutes

"This production is a must for every school. Fast-paced, poignant and hard-hitting; it drives the important messages home in an accessible and engaging way that captures even the most vulnerable or challenging of students."

Anna Hudson

Personal Development Lead

Meadow Park School 


"I can honestly say that in my many years in teaching, this is the most powerful presentation I have seen. Thanks again."

Mr Andrew Roberts 

Assistant Headteacher 

Bridgewater School


 Target audience 

  • Young people (Year 9+)

  • Parents, Carers, Guardians

  • Teachers  

  • Professionals working with young people. 

  • The Police and YOT

 To be delivered in 

  • Secondary Schools 

  • SEN Schools 

  • Pupil Referral Units 

  • Alternative Education Provisions 

  • Colleges 

  • Youth/Community Centres

  • Theatres 

  • Training Sessions


The creation and development of this 


An empty house can only mean one thing. A house party! When class mate Molly decides to throw a house party, it soon becomes the talk of the school. Everyone is going including best friends Tom and Jamie. But after getting into a fierce brawl with Adam during break time, Jamie is left feeling anxious and paranoid. “You’re getting stabbed up, watch”. Hanging onto to Adams threats, Jamie decides to take a knife to the party “to protect himself” in case Adam is there. But what happens next will change the lives of everyone, forever.  

 Trap Explores 

  • A young persons choice to carry a knife

  • Peer pressure

  • Drugs and alcohol misuse

  • Risk taking behaviour

  • How a knife crime can shatter relationships

 Trap Aims to 

  • Inspire change by making young people aware of actions and consequences. 

  • Create safer communities for all.

  • Raise awareness around the repercussions of carrying a knife. 

  • Raise awareness around the long term impact knife crime and youth violence can have on a persons physical and mental health.

 What young people think 

"I learnt about how much things like this can effect young peoples’ (and their families) lives.


I think that it was very hard hitting and emotional in the right way to get the point across and if it weren’t as strong it wouldn’t have done the job correctly."



Cardinal Newman


"I learnt that even though you don't plan on hurting anyone and you carry a weapon for self protection and defense, if it goes into the wrong hands, you may lose your life or maybe even your near and dear ones. We must think before every action that we do. if we feel unsafe or insecure we must talk to someone who we think makes us feel comfortable. I think that Perception theatre is very interesting and teaches us values that are needed for kids nowadays. I think that they should be spreading all around the world and help people who get tempted to do wrong, not to do it and do the correct thing. Also, their acting is so realistic and convincing and all of them are very talented."



Broughton Hall


 what parents think 

"The ending proved anyone can end up getting into danger for the sake of one person carrying a weapon. Unbelievable performance from the actors. Looking forward to my son seeing it at his school"



Hope Street Theatre


"I learnt how easy it is for young ones to get involved with knives an the devastation it causes to all involved in an incident. I thought this play to be very realistic an think by law it should be shown in every school, youth centres ext to educate are young on the dangers of carrying knives, an that knives take lives, thank you for an excellent performance an for trying to help the youth of today👏👏👏."



Hope Street Theatre


 what professionals think 

"It was brilliant! It was pitched at its audience perfectly- not too long, actors and language that young people of all backgrounds, abilities and communities could relate to and with a message that was crystal clear. They also allow time after the performance to have a discussion about it all which is really important. The production covered not just the impact a knife can have on the young people involved but also their families and friends. 


It was honestly one of the best productions of this type that I have seen and I would highly recommend it to anyone." 


Joanne Matthews

Community Coordinator

Liverpool City Council 

"So proud to work alongside the incredible team at Perception Theatre and be able to bring their performance to our schools. The way they manage to address such complex issues in such a relatable and informative way is outstanding."

Sarah Heath 


Cheshire Police

 book cut 


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