We decided earlier this year that we would begin to seek funding and support to convert CUT from an applied theatre production into a Branching Story.

The preview above is from a trailer and preview of CUT we made alongside Cheshire Constabulary in support of their contribution to Op Sceptre this year. They are now using the preview as an educational resource across their county. 

We aim to have CUT as a Branching Story commissioned by the end of the year ready to be released in 2022. 

At this current time you can still book CUT as an applied theatre production. 


In response to our cities knife crime epidemic, we produced ‘CUT’ to help prevent and raise awareness around knife crime and the devastating impact it is having on young people and their families. 


Through the eyes of the stories protagonist Jamie, ‘CUT’ is a story about love, loss, risk and regret. It is an applied theatre production aimed at young people aged 15+. ‘CUT explores: 


  • Why a young person may feel the need to carry a knife. 

  • Peer pressure. 

  • Risk taking behaviour.

  • Drug and Alcohol misuse and how these can affect critical decision making.

  • How a knife crime affects family, friends and the wider community. 

"Last night we attended a private viewing of a play called CUT, delivered by the outstanding Perception Theatre. It was an extremely powerful, emotional piece of work that explored knife crime."

Alan Walsh, Pathways CIC, Real Men Don't Carry Knives, Anfield Boxing Club


  • Inspire change by making young people aware of actions and consequences. 

  • Create safer communities for all.

  • Raise awareness around the repercussions of carrying a knife. 

  • Allow young people to explore risk taking behaviour without actually endangering themselves or those around them.

  • Raise awareness around the long term impact knife crime and youth violence can have on a persons physical and mental health.

  • Provide professionals and organisations who work in tackling knife crime and youth violence with data they can use to inform their practice.


The production duration is 30 minutes followed by a 15 minute actor led post-show discussion. 

Target Audience

  • Year 10+

  • Parents, Carers and Guardians

  • Teachers

  • Professionals 

  • Police

  • General Public

Booking 'Cut'

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