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(for one night only)

8 Weeks Training
3 Round MMA Fight
raising money for Asthma and Lung UK, Perception Theatre and KnifeSavers

Other than going to boxing classes as a kid and playing the UFC game on the Playstation I have no prior experience to combat sports. 

On the 11th of November, I will be trading the stage for a cage, jazz hands for MMA gloves and an audience for an opponent as I take to the cage for a 3 round mixed martial arts fight for two causes I believe, are worth fighting for. 


Asthma and Lung UK

At Asthma + Lung UK, their vision is for a world where everyone has healthy lungs. From research and campaigning to advice and support, as the UK’s lung charity they are on a mission to change the way that lung health is perceived. Because breath is life - and that’s worth fighting for.

Why your money matters...

£14 could fund an hour of research, giving hope to those who struggle to breathe. 

£22 allows one of our respiratory nurses to support someone on our helpline, offering potentially lifesaving advice. 

£60 could pay for five school air pollution monitors, collecting air quality data that can bring about change. 

£100 could fund a day of vital research, helping to improve the care and treatment of people with lung conditions 

£125 could provide researchers with equipment to grow cells linked to lung conditions, crucial for developing better and gentler treatments. 

£640 could fund a support group for one year, bringing people with a lung condition together. 

£1,000 could fund a research technician to perform two weeks of research, taking us one step closer to a world without lung disease. 


Perception Theatre

Perception Theatre is a not-for-profit organisation using theatre and film to tackle issues that are going on within the community such as Knife Crime, Youth Violence, Gangs, Drugs and Exploitation. 

We work alongside victims, perpetrators and families to create and deliver stories that make a positive impact and create long-lasting and must needed change within communities across Liverpool and the North West. 

Why your money matters...

I am looking to raise £1,000 for Perception Theatre.


This will pay for: 

- Two performances of CUT, our knife crime and youth violence play in two schools in Liverpool. Reaching up to 500 young people. 

- A Bleed Control Kit for each school receiving a performance provided by Knife Savers. 


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