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‘GRASS’ is an applied theatre production that explores ‘grassing’ and ‘snitching’ culture.

The production addresses the importance of a moral compass when it comes to reporting seriously violent crime and how someones involvement in a seriously violent crime can impact their mental health.

 Performance info 

Set up time:

1 Hour

Performance duration:

30 minutes
Post-Show Discussion duration: 

15 minutes


‘GRASS’ was written by Perception Theatre. The production has been produced in partnership with Evolving Mindset CIC and proudly funded by Merseyside VRP. The story was co-developed with young people across Merseyside and their input has heavily influenced the narrative, themes and issues covered within the production. 


A lot of thought and expertise has gone in to the making of this production to ensure it is suitable for its target audience. However, please be mindful that this production can be very hard hitting. 


When Joe, Jake and Connor plan a night out in town, they are keen an eager to get out and get on it, but as their night unfolds it takes a turn for the worst. 


When Connor notices an attractive girl at the bar he makes his move, only to find out that she has a boyfriend. When Connor is fronted by the girls boyfriend, Connor snaps back which results in Connor, Joe and Jake being dragged out by security.


As the lads move on from the club, Jake notices that they are being followed by the lads from the bar. In a matter of moments a fight breaks out which leads to Connor making one final and fatal move as he punches one of the lads in the head causing him to fall to his death as he hits his head on a curb and dies medially at the scene. 


The following morning, the incident manages to make the headlines as the police begin appealing for witnesses. With the tensions rising Jake, Joe’s and Connor’s friendship is put to the test as they must battle with their own moral compass and decide whether to tell the truth or stay silent and not ‘GRASS’. 

 Target audience 

  • Young people (Year 9+)

  • Parents/Carers

  • Police   

  • Teachers

  • Professionaals

 To be delivered in 

  • Secondary Schools 

  • SEN Schools 

  • Pupil Referral Units 

  • Alternative Education Provisions 

  • Colleges 

  • Youth/Community Centres

  • Theatres 

  • Training Sessions

 GRASS Explores 

  • Debunking ‘grassing’ and ‘snitching’ culture 

  • How someones involvement in a seriously violent crime can impact their mental health.

  • The importance of a moral compass 

  • How drugs and alcohol can affect your behaviour. 

 GRASS Aims to 

  • Demonstrate how violent behaviour can affect your mental health as well as your relationship with those around you.

  • Demonstrate how your actions can have serious consequences 

  • Demonstrate how drugs and alcohol can affect your behaviour 

  • Demonstrate how telling the truth isn’t “grassing” 

  • Demonstrate the importance of a moral compass 

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