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GRASS Primary: Liverpool Tour March 2024

Rehearsal and Tour Information

Commissioned by: CitySafe​ Partnership, Onward and Riverside. 

Performance Dates: Wednesday 13th March, Thursday 14th March, Friday 15th March, Monday 18th March, Tuesday 19th March, Thursday 21st March, Friday 22nd March, Monday 25th March, Wednesday 27th March, Thursday 28th March.

Performance Information

This performance lasts 25 minutes and includes a 10 minute post-show discussion. 

Please note this performance contains references to violence, bullying and mental health.

Overview‘GRASS Primary’ was commissioned by Liverpool City Council and further supported by Merseyside Police and the Home Office building on from ‘GRASS Secondary’s success.

Over 2023, we delivered workshops in 6 primary schools across Merseyside. We found young people as young as 8 having the mentalities of “I don’t want to be a Grass”. We wanted to create a story that empowered younger audiences to do the right thing and that challenged the labels grass and snitch.

Synopsis: When Orla and Oliver find out their best friend Elliot is being bullied by their school peers, Josh and Tyler, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

Just when Oliver thinks he’s managed to get Josh and Tyler off Elliot’s back, things take a turn for the worst as Oliver, Orla and Elliot find themselves in an altercation with Josh, Tyler and one of their friends one afternoon on their way home from school.

Frightened and threatened Oliver, Orla and Elliot are forced to defend themselves against the 3 lads as they attempt to attack them, resulting in Oliver popping Joshes nose.

Panicked and anxious Oliver, Orla and Elliot’s friendship is put to the test as they must battle with their own moral compass and decide whether to tell their school teacher Mrs Kane the truth or stay silent and not ‘GRASS’.

Target Audience: Year 4 - Year 6, Parents, Carers and Guardians, Teachers, Professionals and the Police. 

To be delivered inPrimary Schools, Youth and Community Centres, Theatres and Training Sessions.


GRASS aims to:  

  • Challenge the labels ‘Grass’ and ’Snitch’

  • Show how withholding information can impact someones mental health.

  • Highlight the dangers of making threats to someone.

  • Increase awareness around actions and consequences.

  • Educate young people on the importance of speaking to a responsible adult if they find themselves in a difficult situation, instead of trying to manage it themselves.

  • Encourage young people to resolve issues such a bulling, by speaking to a responsible adult

Tour Schedule 

Performances are open to be booked by primary schools based in Liverpool/Knowsley Evolve Area. 


To book your performance in please email Joe at or Joanne Matthews at

Tour Schedule 

Wednesday 13th March

Evening Performance: Shrewsbury House

Thursday 14th March

AM Performance: Holy Cross Primary School

PM Performance: Our Lady Immaculate

Friday 15th March

AM Performance: AM Available 

PM Performance: Willow Tree Park


Monday 18th March 

AM Performance: Blackmoor Park Junior 

PM Performance: Blackmoor Park Junior 

Tuesday 19th March

AM Performance: Arnot St Marys

PM Performance: St Aloysius

Thursday 21st March

AM Performance: St Columbas

PM Performance: All Saints Catholic Primary

Friday 22nd March

AM Performance: St Mary and St Thomas Primary School

PM Performance: Whitefield Primary School

Monday 25th March

AM Performance: Arnot St Marys 

PM Performance: Kirkdale St Lawrence

Tuesday 26th March

AM Performance: Bedford Road Primary School

PM Performance: Springwell Park Community Primary School

Wednesday 27th March

AM Performance: AM Available 

PM Performance: YPAS: SMARTYS Group

Thursday 28th March

AM Performance: AM Available 

PM Performance: Halsnead Primary School

If you would like to come and watch one of these scheduled performances please email

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