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An interactive film proudly funded by Arts Council England.


When Ava finds herself pressured by boyfriend Matty to send nudes of herself, things head in a downwards spiral as her pictures get into the hands of her school peers and become exposed for all to see.

When social media becomes a place of bullying, torment and hate and school becomes a place of fear and victimisation, Ava can feel life, pain and shame tightening like a noose around her neck.

With all hope lost, Ava decides to go offline. But for how long?

‘Offline’ was designed to challenge the perceptions around sexting culture amongst teenagers. Our aim with this project was to spark conversation around a topic that is often deemed as too uncomfortable to discuss. With more and more young people coming into regular contact with technology from an early age, we thought it was important to highlight two of the most common 

issues young people face online, cyberbullying and sexting. 

 Audience Feedback 

"Brilliant resource, and method for tackling super tricky, current issues with young people."


Bill Dutton, Chief Superintendent, Cheshire Constabulary

"Absolutely a fabulous way of teaching about something so serious and done with dignity."


Female, 22-25, Merseyside

"I thought the film was very real and powerful and putting the interactions in was a good move as it made the watcher feel part of the story and give audience members a better understanding."


Female, 26+, Merseyside

 Supported by 

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 Target audience 

  • Young people (14+)

  • Parents, Carers, Guardians

  • Teachers  

  • Professionals 

  • General Public



'Offline' is no longer available for public viewing on our website as this project was only made available for a six month period. Should you wish to book, view or have access to 'Offline' please get in touch. 


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