CUT is a production centred around knife crime and youth violence. It explores how a needless dispute at school causes a teenager to be stabbed and killed. 



The play takes place amongst the four walls of a police interview room where Jamie recalls the night his best friend was murdered. The script was developed alongside a variety of professionals who work in tackling knife crime such as Merseyside Police, Cheshire Police and Rob Jackson. Family members of both victims and perpetrators also played a part in helping us shape the narrative and nuances within the story. This has gave the overall production a real sense of authenticity.


  • A young persons choice to carry a knife

  • Peer pressure

  • Drugs and alcohol misuse

  • Risk taking behaviour

  • How a knife crime can shatter relationships

Target Audience 

  • Young people (13+, Year 9+)

  • Parents, Carers, Guardians

  • Teachers  

  • Professionals working with young people. 

  • The Police and YOT

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An empty house can only mean one thing. A house party! 

When class mate Molly decides to throw a house party, it soon becomes the talk of the school. Everyone is going including best friends Tom and Jamie. But after getting into a fierce brawl with Adam during break time, Jamie is left feeling anxious and paranoid. “You’re getting stabbed up, watch”. Hanging onto to Adams threats, Jamie decides to take a knife to the party “to protect himself” in case Adam is there. 

But what happens next will change the lives of everyone, forever.  

Empty Streets

Sarah heath
Chief Inspector
Cheshire Police

"This is just brilliant. An incredibly engaging way to cover the impacts and repercussions of carrying a knife. So realistic and just the kind of tragic consequences we see all too often. Well done!"


Rob Jackson
Emergency Nurse Clinician
Nhs England, KnifeSavers Cic

"This is such a powerful play and well worth getting it into as many schools and colleges as possible. Tackles head on the reality of carrying a knife and its consequences."


Alan Walsh 
Youth worker
Real Men Don't Carry Knives, Pathways CIC

"Last night we attended a private viewing of a play called CUT, delivered by the outstanding Perception Theatre. It was an extremely powerful, emotional piece of work that explored knife crime."

Performance and Post-show Discussion

The performance will last approximately 30 minutes and the post-show discussion will last approximately 15 minutes

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  • Inspire change by making young people aware of actions and consequences. 

  • Create safer communities for all.

  • Raise awareness around the repercussions of carrying a knife. 

  • Raise awareness around the long term impact knife crime and youth violence can have on a persons physical and mental health.

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