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Our Approach

EitC Perception Theatre Performance -1706.jpg

We believe that theatre in education and film allows audiences to explore complex social issues, sensitive themes and challenging topics in a safe and supported environment.

Narrative based learning is able to stimulate and develop empathy and offers its audiences the chance to connect and relate to the characters and scenarios on stage.


We are an organisation dedicated to improving social, emotional and behavioural change through the power of theatre and story telling. We craft each of our applied theatre productions alongside our local communities, young people and professionals to ensure that we create a well rounded and resonant product. 


At Perception Theatre, we are passionate about challenging peoples perceptions, especially when it comes to ‘Theatre In Education’ (TIE).


For many years, TIE has been perceived as something that can be condescending in its nature and didactic in its overall approach. However that doesn’t have to be the case. TIE should be both educational and impactful. That’s why here at Perception Theatre, we do exactly that. 


From gripping narratives driven by realistic characters and scenarios, we capture the attention of our audiences and engage them in learning about issues that could one day affect them or somebody that they know. Our work is designed with the community at heart and young people at the forefront of our vision.

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