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Theatre in Education allows students to explore complex social issues, sensitive themes and challenging topics in a safe and supported environment. Narrative based learning is able to stimulate and develop empathy and offers its audiences the chance to connect and relate to the characters and scenarios on stage, creating a personal style of learning unlike any other educational method.


Wall of Silence & Moral Compass 

Target Audience: Year 9+
Performance Duration: 40 mins
Proudly funded by Merseyside VRP, delivered in partnership with Evolving Mindset CIC. 


Knife Crime and Youth Violence 

Target Audience: Year 7+
Performance Duration: 30 mins


County Lines and CCE 

Target Audience: Year 9+
Performance Duration: 30 mins
Proudly funded by Arts Council England.

Commission us

Are you an organisation looking for a different way to engage communities, educate young people or raise awareness? 


Well, we can help! 


Here at Perception Theatre, we are open to working with companies and organisations who want to create an applied theatre production centred around a topic and/or issue they want to address.  


As a creative organisation we have had a multitude of experience when it comes to working to some else brief and encapsulating their vision. 


If you would like to commission Perception Theatre to work alongside you and your organisation to create a theatre production then please get in touch.

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