Locked Down

A Branching Story proudly funded by Arts Council England.
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What is locked down about?

'Locked Down' explores the ongoing abuse within Ryan and Rachel’s relationship. A seemingly 'normal' couple to the outside world, but behind closed doors and amongst four walls life couldn't be further from it. When Rachel reflects back on the past and present she begins to realise that the signs were there all along. But will she attempt to leave Ryan or will she remain 'Locked Down'?

why was 'locked down' created?

When the country entered “lock down” on the 24th of March 2020, due to COVID-19, calls to domestic abuse helplines increased significantly throughout the UK along with an increase in reported cases of domestic violence. As an organisation, we felt it was our duty to use our craft to develop a project committed to raising awareness around domestic abuse, thus ‘Locked Down’ was created.

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Who is 'locked down' for?

'Locked Down' is for: 

  • Young people aged 16+

  • Anyone in an intimate relationship

  • Parents, carers and guardians

  • Anyone working in education

  • Anyone working to tackle domestic abuse

  • General public

where is 'locked down' set?

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‘Locked Down’ is set in Liverpool. Due to the recent pandemic, ‘Locked Down’ was filmed in our own home with the resources that we had available to us during that time. Although in this particular story Rachel and Ryan are a young, white, working class couple, we recognise that domestic abuse affects people across all ages, race, class, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

Organisations that have supported 'LOCKED DOWN'

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Organisations that support 'Locked Down'

"As a survivor of domestic abuse at a very young age (17 to 21) I can relate. I wish I knew then what I know now about how to get away, how to recognise the signs etc etc. Informational films like this should be shown to all teenagers , so they are prepared if they find themselves in such a situation as shown in the film."

Female, 40+, Merseyside


'LOCKED DOWN' is no longer available for public viewing on our website as this project was only made available for a six month period. Should you wish to book, view or have access to 'LOCKED DOWN' please get in touch. 

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