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Locked down
An interactive film proudly funded by Arts Council England.


'Locked Down' explores the ongoing abuse within Ryan and Rachel’s relationship. A seemingly 'normal' couple to the outside world, but behind closed doors and amongst four walls life couldn't be further from it.

When the country entered “lock down” on the 24th of March 2020, due to COVID-19, calls to domestic abuse helplines increased significantly throughout the UK along with an increase in reported cases of domestic violence. As an organisation, we felt it was our duty to use our craft to develop a project committed to raising awareness around domestic abuse, thus ‘Locked Down’ was created.

 Audience Feedback 

"As a survivor of domestic abuse at a very young age (17 to 21) I can relate. I wish I knew then what I know now about how to get away, how to recognise the signs etc etc. Informational films like this should be shown to all teenagers , so they are prepared if they find themselves in such a situation as shown in the film."


Female, 40+, Merseyside

"I think the fact that you are asked to make the choices according to what you would do in the situation is really significant. It was challenging and think this could open up important conversations amongst groups watching the film." 


Female, 15-25, Northamptonshire

"Blown away. Never have I seen any film like this or anything like this from any other theatre company. I've never experienced anything like this personally or know anyone who has but with this now it's raised awareness in myself and I know it'll do that for others as well. I am honestly struggling to find words to describe how good that was, phenomenal." 

Male, 15-25, North Yorkshire

"Excellent piece of work!! Thank you very much for your vision.  This is a great and excellent 'interactive' way to raise awareness and challenge peoples responses to such issues. Thank you again "


Male, 26-40, London

"This film was so profound, being a professional working in the field with victims/survivors of abuse I hear similar stories but this film has made it much more REAL. Thank you for sharing and well done to all those involved in the making of this film, it was fantastic."


Female, 40+, Greater Manchester

"Thank You - A Survivor"


Female, 26-40, Caernarvonshire

 Supported by 

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 Target audience 

  • Young people (16+)

  • Parents, Carers, Guardians

  • Teachers  

  • Professionals 

  • General Public



'LOCKED DOWN' is no longer available for public viewing on our website as this project was only made available for a six month period. Should you wish to book, view or have access to 'LOCKED DOWN' please get in touch. 

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